Constructing reinforced internal frameworks for engineered structures such as viaducts, nuclear power stations, and one-off specialist buildings… This is our craft. Rigour, Safety, Experience, Reactivity, Anticipation, Know-how, Energy… and a certain taste for a challenge.

The “Armaturiers” at your service


Optimising the steel reinforcement drawings, conforming with standards, defining the best fixing method to respect on site schedule… We can advise our clients using our experience !

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Coils, rebar, couplers, cut and bend, we have the skill and equipment to undertake all types of steel reinforcement “ready to fix” from the simplest to the most elaborate

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Attaching, tying, splicing….we construct in all weather, in the mud and under pressure, a wizardry of a spider’s web that we are stitching with the skill of a master tailor!

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Indian Ocean

Cutting and bending steel, manufacturing reinforcement structures for the construction industry and public works projects on the island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean.

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A word introduced into the French Dictionary as a result of a proposal by Edgard Thirion
CiV. ENG. Concrete reinforcement specialists

The art of reinforcing concrete by incorporating elements to improve resistance to tension and allow flexing of civil engineered structures.
(Example: The Millau Viaduct, one of our finest references)

The craft of the “Armaturier”


Many thanks to the contracting authorities, prime contractors and companies who since 1988 have trusted us to deliver over 1,000 works from a simple frame bridge to the most complex viaducts.

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Chantiers en cours

A few achievements

  • Alvéole
  • Basculeur Cadarache
  • Cadarache
  • Chevetre Tamarins
  • Conteneur inox
  • Galerie salazie
  • Piles viaduc de Millau
  • Pont TGV
  • Radier RJH
  • réacteur Jules Horowitz
  • Viaduc de la Savane
  • Viaduc de Meaux
  • Viaduc de Millau
  • Chantier grand Stade de Lyon
  • Chantier grand Stade de Lyon
  • Nouvelle route du littoral - La réunion